Content That Creates Clients

This workshop is for coaches & experts who create content as part of their marketing process and would like to attract high-level prospects who are ready to buy and sign up without objections.

Most coaches & experts share “value” content and helpful tips

Which sets you up as the friendly expert

You know, the expert that everyone loves but no one wants to buy from

If you’d like to create a more effective sales process where you are only talking to prospects who are ready to buy without objections there are 3 things to change in your content:

1. Get rid of the vague marketing & helpful tips
2. Be more direct about your offer
3. Talk about their possible objections upfront

In this workshop, I spoke about the tweaks to make to your content so that it becomes part of your sales process as it presells your services, handles objections and results in ready-to-buy prospects reaching out

Here’s a few highlights of what we covered:

  • Mistakes you might be making with your marketing (not your fault!) and what to do instead.
  • Removing sales barriers to make it easier for high-level clients to buy.
  • Why your close rates are less than 5/10 and how to improve this
  • How to never have to handle an objection again
  • What to share in your content to attract high-level clients & repel the rest.

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