Hi! I'm Ann

Adventure-Junkie, Rebel & Lover of Life!

Here to show you how to step into your role as Leader and create a simple, low-stress business that fits into the lifestyle you desire

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You’re here to lead & serve your people…


Yet somehow most coaches & experts end up spending more time marketing & selling instead of doing the work they were put on the planet to do & actually working with clients & transforming lives.

Allow me to help you fix that…

Introducing The Client Accelerator…


An 8 week program with a simple outcome: To dial in your messaging & attract high-level clients.

This program is for coaches, experts & service providers who want to:

  • Attract clients who are willing to pay more
  • Increase their prices
  • Position themselves as the only obvious choice in their market
  • Perfect their messaging to call in only their highest-level client & repel the freebie-seekers
  • Sign up perfect-fit clients…

And to do all this WITHOUT ads, funnels, 60-minute calls, websites, spending hours engaging on social media, sending cold DM’s or “handling” objections

We will work 1-1 together in an 8-week accelerator:

1. We’ll start with identifying who your Best-Fit Client is & the transformation you can help them achieve.

I know you can work with many different types of people, but for you to be able to call in the high-level clients you want you need to be clear on exactly who you are best suited to serve.

2. We’ll create/refine your “First Date” Easy-Yes Offer which solves an immediate pain and problem (or will help your people achieve a desire) & price it for what it’s really worth. Our aim is to make it at least a $2k – $5k offer so you can reach your financial goals with just a handful of clients.

If you have an offer already that’s great! We’ll just make a few tweaks so it’s easier to say YES to.

3. We’ll implement your pre-selling content strategy (written & video) using my 4 post frameworks:

  • “AHA” post formula designed to get your market to think differently about their situation and solutions and gives you automatic authority.
  • The Triangle of Wisdom to tell everyday stories that make you more memorable than the competition and overcome objections.
  • The Offer post formula that calls in your Dream Clients and allows them to self-select your program.
  • Hand-raiser frameworks that get warm, interested prospects to raise their hands and start a sales conversation.

I’ll help you tweak all your copy so you have the clear message your future clients are craving and you’ll be able to use this process over and over again to book clients.

AND I’ll give you my Neverending Content Strategy so you’ll never run out of content ideas again.

4. Finally, I’ll show you how to qualify your prospects with a few simple messages and how to book perfect-fit clients into your program without a sales call if you wish (if you’d rather get on a quick call that’s totally fine too)

Based on the results of clients who have come through my programs in the last 4 years you can expect to sign 2-5 new high-ticket clients during our time together.

You’ll also have everything you need to be able to create content that flows with ease, be sought after as the #1 authority in your field and a simple repeatable strategy for booking clients consistently every month. 

You’ll be able to focus more on your zone of genius, have consistent, sustainable business growth with amazing clients AND time for a life outside of your work.

You’re a great fit for this offer if you have:

✅ Experience in what you offer & your business is more than 1 year old

✅ Happy clients with the results they wanted

✅ An audience of 1000 or more potential prospects

✅ an open mind & sense of adventure 😉

Want the rest of the details?

If you’d like the rest of the details just click on the button below, answer a couple of super quick questions then I’ll reach out with the details 🙂

Here’s what some of my clients say about working with me…

This approach works! I haven’t even started publishing content with this new approach and I already got 3 prospects to say yes to working with me (out of 4 that I reached out to). You really zoom into what makes an offer a no-brainer and your offer document is very persuasive. So the investment is definitely worth it because you get clients even before you are finished with the programme.