The simplest, fastest path to attracting more high-ticket clients

This workshop is for ambitious coaches and experts ready to sign up more perfect-fit clients at high-ticket fees…

WITHOUT all the 60-minute calls, ads, funnels, “handling” objections or “hustle”

The solution is to have a “First Date” Easy-Yes Offer priced at $2k – $5k that gets a win for your clients and creates a ton of demand for them to keep working with you in your longer-term, deep dive programs.

Your Easy-Yes Offer is a program that you sell with your content and a simple PDF Offer Doc

It’s totally irresistible to the RIGHT clients and has them saying YES in the DM’s or over email in 15 minutes or less

This is the simplest way to let go of all the “busy sales & marketing work” and leap from $5k – $10k months to $20k + months using ONLY your content

I firmly believe that your time is best spent in your zone of genius, not chasing & convincing people to buy from you using the “common coach” marketing strategies

And that every Leader should have a simple, low-stress method to attract & serve their perfect-fit clients

Which is why I’ve put together this workshop

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • Exactly what makes a high-ticket offer so irresistible that you can sell it without a sales call
  • My simple formula for your “First Date” Easy-Yes Offer – a short-term, easy-to-sell program
  • How to position yourself as The Expert and stand out in a “competitive” market
  • What to include in your content to get perfect-fit clients reaching out, asking you to take their money
  • My DM Sales Method and how you can use your Easy-Yes Offer to sign up clients over DM’s or email

Are you ready for a simple, low-stress business where your programs sell out with ease?

Watch the workshop now

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