Create Unshakeable Confidence & Accelerate Your Business Growth

Your Workshop Recording

Here's what we covered in this workshop:

  • 3 common areas where a lack of confidence prevents coaches & experts from booking clients
  • Aligning with perfect-fit clients & offers that are easy to sell & a joy to fulfil
  • The difference between fear & anxiety
  • Regulating your nervous system so you can handle scary things & still take action

Introducing The Confidence & Business Accelerator

   A bespoke 8 week program with a simple outcome: To align your services with premium clients & step into the most confident version of yourself so booking clients becomes simple & fun

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • We’ll get clear on and remove the #1 limiting belief that is holding you back & preventing you from achieving your goals.

  • We’ll reprogram your brain with beliefs that will allow you to think, feel & behave as a powerful Leader who achieves their goals with confidence.

  • We’ll make sure you are 100% aligned with what you’re offering, how you’re marketing your business and how you’re making sales.

    We’ll adjust anything that’s not working or not necessary & replace it with something that feels simple & more aligned with who you are and your upgraded beliefs so you can achieve your goals while working fewer hours.


  • Weekly coaching calls with me
  • Me in your back pocket for on-demand text & voice support between calls
  • Access to my library of self-coaching tools
  • Personalised resources that are yours to keep as you continue to work on your business

How much?:

The investment is a total no-brainer when you think about what it will mean to you to be able to confidently grow your business to achieve six-figures

Most of my clients make back their ENTIRE investment in just 1 or 2 sales and before we’ve finished working together.

Want the rest of the details?

If you’d like the rest of the details just click on the button below, answer a couple of super quick questions then I’ll reach out with the details 🙂