Empowered & Sleaze-Free Sales Workshop


In this workshop, I show you an empowered, trauma-sensitive way to market & sell your incredible programs.

Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

1. Getting clear on who your best fit client really is & creating programs that are easy to sell without 60-minute calls.

2. Trauma-sensitive selling, why you WANT to sell this way & how it will set you apart.

3. Marketing & messaging that pre-sells your programs, attracting perfect-fit clients to you.


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Here’s what a few participants had to say…

“This is exceeding my expectations and is highly appreciated. Lovely!”

“Thank you so much! I took copious notes.”

“Thanks so much, it’s been great 💓”

“Thank you for sharing all of this. I always enjoy your webinars so much! 👍”