Who is your Best-Fit Client?

Who is your Best-Fit Client?

It’s easy to take what comes naturally to you for granted and feel like it’s not worth much, meanwhile there are people out there who would happily throw LARGE sums of money at you for these gifts…

This simple Google doc will help you think bigger about who you’re serving and what you’re offering so you can charge more AND make sure your clients get the outcomes they want.

(p.s. this is nothing like the “old-school” boring client avatar sheet that your last guru gave you)

1. Get Clear On Your BFC

Consider your skills and expertise and who might benefit the most from what to you have to offer.

2. Craft Your Offer

Create an outcomes based offer specifically for this person priced according to the value you deliver.

3. Make Sales

When you have a clear outcomes based offer for your Best-Fit Client it makes sales MUCH easier!