How To Attract 2-5 Premium Clients Every Month

Your Workshop Recording

Here's what we covered in this workshop:

  • Creating a no-brainer results based Easy-Yes Offer priced from $2k – $5k
  • How to compete in a saturated market so you stand out as the exact specialist your dream clients are looking for
  • The content to create that will pre-sell your offer and have prospects reaching out asking you to take their money
  • How to enroll amazing clients by using a simple PDF & a few messages or a quick 15 minute, no pressure call (say goodbye to sleazy sales scripts, hour-long discovery calls & hello to time freedom)
  • And how to do all this in a way that’s customised to your personality, service offering & market

Introducing The Client Accelerator

This is an invitation for coaches, experts and leaders who have experience in what they offer & would like an easier & simpler method to make more sales and book premium clients specifically through organic marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn and/or over email.

You must already have an audience of at least 1,000 potential clients on FB/LI/email, and a history with clients who love you and your work.

Here’s the details for you…

In The Client Accelerator, you’ll accelerate your income and client sign-ups with an Easy-Yes “First Date” Offer which is your $2k – $5k outcome-based offer designed specifically for your Best-Fit Client.

We’ll take one of your existing offers, (or create a new one if that makes more sense) and we’ll turn it into an offer that has the right clients sliding into your DM’s or inbox asking to work with you!

Your Easy-Yes Offer is positioned to be irresistible to your Best-Fit Client 

It stops them in their tracks and has them reaching out saying “I need that, where do I pay?”

So, instead of hustling your butt off for the clients you do book every month and inconsistent money months with $3k this month and $15k next

Your Easy-Yes Offer sets you up for consistent $10k, $20k + months

Then I’ll show you how to create simple-to-write posts based on ethical sales psychology, mix in some PRE-SELLING and objection handling that you’ll post to social media and/or your email list 3-5 days a week to create demand for your Easy-Yes Offer whenever you’re ready to book in clients.

Outcomes you can reasonably expect:

Based on the results of clients who have come through my programs in the last four years, you can expect to sign 2-5 new high-ticket clients during our time together

You’ll learn the skill of creating offers that your market is excited to buy and how to create relatable and lead-generating content that you can use for the rest of your life.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

We’ll get started as soon as you sign up.

1. We’ll start with identifying who your BEST-Fit Client is & the transformation you can help them achieve. We’ll get clear on what criteria they need to meet to be amazing clients who get the best results from working with you.

I know you can work with many different types of people, but for you to be able to call in the high-level clients you want you need to be clear on exactly who you are best suited to serve.

2. We’ll make over a current offer or create a brand new one that has dream clients clamouring to hire you. This will be your “First Date” Easy-Yes Offer which solves an immediate pain and problem or achieves a burning desire. We’ll work on your optimal positioning and language to test first.

3. Next, it’s time to get those first new clients with a simple pre-selling content system to bring buyers out of the woodwork.

4. After you’ve made those first sales, we’ll then work on creating your DM Sales Method. This is messaging to get buyers reaching out to you in the DM’s, qualification questions to make sure you’re ONLY accepting perfect-fit clients without a 60-minute call or long application and a sizzling hot PDF offer invitation that you’ll send to the prospects who qualify.

Our first goal is to have your Easy-Yes Offer cash flowing and your investment covered within 28 days. 

You’ll get everything you need to make sales quickly including training, content frameworks and personal support from me as and when you need it on calls or via Telegram. 

I’ll review every single post and email you create to make sure you’ve mastered the frameworks and positioning to call in the dream clients you desire.

Once you have all of this in place you WILL book premium clients every month and grow your business WITHOUT ads, funnels, long launches, webinars, cold DM’s, 60-minute calls or endless engaging on social media.

Any one of these things can help you get momentum in your business and in my experience ONE section will stand out and resonate with you as the big opportunity so we can spend more time working on that together.

You’re a great fit for this offer if you have:

✅ Experience in what you offer & your business is more than 2 years old

✅ Happy clients with the results they wanted

✅ An audience of 1,000 or more potential prospects

✅ an open mind & sense of adventure 😉

Want the rest of the details?

If you’d like the rest of the details just click on the button below, answer a couple of super quick questions then I’ll reach out with the details 🙂