10 Day Leads Accelerator

I’ve put together an amazing 10-day program designed to help purpose-driven coaches & experts bring in 50 – 100 leads a week so they can book clients and create quick cash whenever they like WITHOUT spammy group posts, cold DM’s or expensive ads. 

You’ll use your current audience to sell offers ranging from $47 to $5 000 depending on what you choose to sell (and I’ll even give you a list of 20 things to sell if you need ideas to create quick cash.)

These are the same strategies my clients use to book out their high-ticket programs to reach consistent $10k / $20k ++ months. (which means you can achieve this too!)

It’s UNLIKE ANYTHING you’ve likely ever seen.

In my experience, coaches who aren’t yet able to sell a high-ticket offer and are under $2k per month are unclear on who they are trying to sell to, what they are offering, they don’t know how to get leads effectively and they are uncomfortable with marketing and making sales.

All of which makes building a business kinda difficult.

BUT… when people have a clear and simple strategy to get clarity on what their dream client WANTS to buy as well a method to communicate with their audience without feeling sleazy or salesy…

…booking out your business is simple and FUN! 

What’s holding most people back is they don’t have a clear simple strategy to book clients.

They feel overwhelmed with all the guru advice out there, they don’t know how to have conversations and make offers without feeling pushy or spammy.

With all the social media options we have now it’s never been easier to close sales and book out business without funnels, websites or paid ads IF you’ve got a strategy to get leads every day, know what your market wants to buy and are comfortable with talking to people online.

I would be thrilled to have you join this program.

The Leads Accelerator is only US$297 

You’ll get the strategies to book clients AND I’ll give you lots of templates and examples to make this even easier for you to start making sales right away.

You’ll get lifetime access to the program so you can use it whenever you need to build some momentum and create quick cash.

If you implement the strategies as I advise you WILL make that money back before you’ve finished the program (and a lot more!) 

Even if you don’t have a clear ideal client and offer right now. (and if you do then that makes this program even easier for you)

And to make this even more of a no-brainer for you… if you implement everything we teach in this program and don’t make your money back then I will refund you in full. 


Here are a few common questions you might have:

Who is this best suited for?

This program is for any coaches or experts who sell services and not physical products and who are earning less than $2000 per month.

How will the program work?

Every day for 10 days you’ll watch a video with a short training and action steps. 

The training is bite-sized and each one builds upon the last one.

You will then implement the strategies and action steps with each video to book clients. (there are no worksheets to fill out – your homework is literally to book clients and make sales.)

Will I really make sales with this program?

If you dedicate an hour every day to watch the training and implement, you can start making money almost immediately. Even if you’re not sure which market you want to work with or what to offer.

Mike went from no leads & no clients to 3 calls and his first client at £300

Hannes also had no leads and was able to make his first sale of $3500 in just 2 weeks after months of trying to figure out how to make a sale.

Tracey booked her first 12 week coaching client at £1200 and was able to implement a lead generation strategy that she was comfortable with.

I’m in – what happens next?

If you’re ready to get the exact steps to book clients & create cash just make your payment of $US297 using the button below

I don’t have fancy automation setup for this so as soon as I receive the payment I’ll get you set up.

If you’ve got questions email me at hello@annduplessis.com