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Money Mindset & Confident Sales Training

Accelerate Your Money & Sales Confidence For Ultimate Success

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If you desire to RAPIDLY let go of your fears, past programming and limiting beliefs around money…

… and install NEW confident & abundant beliefs deep in your subconscious mind…

So you can go out into the world and take aligned and bold action towards creating everything you desire.

Then you will absolutely LOVE this training.

I will take you on an adventure with me in the Money Mindset Accelerator where we will go through a gentle process to identify all the negative & limiting beliefs you’ve taken on over the years that are preventing you from achieving everything you desire.

We’ll then remove those limiting beliefs and past programming FOREVER and INSTALL new beliefs around your self-worth, confidence, sales and money

Beliefs that you CHOOSE.

I created this program to help my clients become 100% confident in eliminating lack & scarcity so they can manifest & create greater wealth, increase their sales, accept higher amounts of money, grow in confidence and create the life and business they desire, and deserve!

There are so many coaches out there teaching about sales & mindset which is awesome but if you don’t get clear on the root cause of your lack of confidence in yourself and in your ability to create the money you desire no amount of sales or mindset training will help you in the long term.

You’ll have some results but ultimately you will keep going round in feast and famine cycles or you’ll get “stuck” at a certain income level and won’t be able to break through or booking clients will always feel like hard work.

That’s why this training is so radically different.

We’ll heal old wounds, remove old beliefs & BREAK FREE from the conditioning that is holding you back

You’ll get to choose the new beliefs & programming that will support you and you’ll feel inspired to take action and excited about having sales conversations.

If you’re ready to let go of your fears, past programming and limiting beliefs around money

And you desire to believe in yourself, create unshakeable confidence and incredible abundance then click the button below to join us



Here’s what you get when you join the Money Mindset Accelerator

Every week will be a potent training on how to clear the doubt, limiting beliefs & scarcity and I’ll show you how to tap into your abundance and wealth consciousness so that you can become confident & manifest more money and sales with ease.

Here’s an overview of what we’ll cover:

Week 1 – Identify & Heal Money Conflict

Week 2 – Remove Money Barriers

Week 3 – The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Week 4 – Increasing Your Ability To Receive More

Week 5 – Increasing Your Self-Worth & Confidence

Week 6 – Your Wealth Container & Money Emotions

Week 7 – Release Your Fears & Become A Money Magnet

Week 8 – Your 1-1 Integration & Q&A Call With Ann

Throughout the entire 8 weeks you get direct access to Ann for support & any questions that come up as you go through the process.


Money Accelerator Meditations


Every week you’ll receive a new meditation to set your mindset for confidence, abundance and the success you desire.


BONUS: Empowered & Confident Sales Workshop


Sick of the high-pressure sales techniques , getting prospects to dwell in their “pain” & feeling salesy?

This bonus workshop will show you how to sell in a stress-free, mutually beneficial way.

– You’ll learn how to close sales in a way that empowers your clients & prevents buyers remorse

– I’ll guide you through a sales conversation framework that you can use on calls and in the DM’s  that helps your potential clients feel safe, seen & heard which leads naturally to them asking to work with you

– We’ll identify where your own past painful experiences are affecting how you sell


At the end of this training you’ll have…

Confident Sales

You’ll have confidence in yourself and your ability to make more sales AND a sales process you’ll love!

Empowered Subconscious

All limiting beliefs will have been removed & you’ll have a process to infuse your subconcious mind with new beliefs to support everything you desire to create.

Money Mindset Meditations

You’ll have 7 Money Mindset Meditations to infuse you with confidence, prosperity and abundance.

No More Doubt

You’ll no longer doubt yourself or your abilities to create everything you desire. You will have removed all lack, scarcity & fears.

Here’s a recap on everything you get when you join

Money Mindset Accelerator

Seven Deep Healing Trainings

Seven Money Mindset Meditations

Empowered & Confident Sales Workshop

Telegram Support For Entire 8 Weeks

A 60 minute 1-1 Call With Ann

When you add all that up the total value is more than blah, blah blah…


Look, I could have assigned thumbsuck values to each thing you get to show you the incredible “value” of this program.

But I know you’re smarter than that

AND you’re sick of being treated like an idiot and sold to in this manner.

The truth is you DON’T need to use any tricks or tactics or high-pressure fake value or scarcity sales strategies to make sales – even “high-ticket ones.

And when you DO use these tactics you’re far more likely to have unhappy clients who don’t get what they wanted from working with you & refund requests.

And over time, if you’re a human who actually gives a sh1t about your clients, your confidence will take a knock and you’ll find your income going backwards, NOT growing.

In the Sales workshop which I’ve included as a bonus, I’ll show you how to make sales in a trauma-sensitive way that’s comfortable for everyone involved

And you can ditch all the strategies that creep you out.

If you’ve read this far, thank you! You rock!

The only thing left for you to do, if you desire…

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Enjoy Our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you go through the first 2 weeks of the Money Mindset Accelerator & decide it’s not for you, we’ll issue you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.