The Simple Sales System

Would you like a simple & fun way to book perfect-fit clients into your premium programs?

Without digging into pain points, using high-pressure manipulative tactics or wasting time and energy on “go nowhere” hour-long discovery calls, complicated websites, funnels and webinars.


Great, you’re in the right place 🙂

This workshop is for coaches & experts who create content as part of their marketing process and would like to attract high-level prospects & make stress-free sales

Some of the highlights from this workshop include:


  • The mistakes most coaches & experts make which make it difficult to book clients (it’s not your fault)
  • Creating an Easy-Yes Offer priced at $2k – $10k that your dream clients can’t refuse.
  • What to change in your marketing so you stand out as the exact specialist your dream clients are looking for
  • How to make sure you’re ONLY having sales conversations with qualified prospects who are ready to buy
  • How to enroll amazing clients by using a simple PDF Doc & 3-4 qualifying messages or a quick 15-minute call (say goodbye to hour-long discovery calls & hello to time freedom)

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