The Simple Sales System

Your Workshop Recording

Here's what we covered in this workshop:

  • Mistakes you might be making which makes booking clients difficult (not your fault!) and what to do instead.
  • Removing sales barriers to make it easier for high-level clients to buy.
  • Why your close rates are less than 5/10 and how to improve this
  • How to never have to handle an objection again
  • What to share in your content to attract high-level clients & repel the rest.

Introducing The Client Accelerator

An 8 week program with a simple outcome: To implement your simple sales system so you can book empowered premium clients without all the time consuming or manipulative sales & marketing tactics

Together we will dial in your messaging & call in your Best-Fit Clients using PRE-SELLING content 

WITHOUT 60 minute calls, ads, funnels, websites, spending hours engaging on social media, sending cold DM’s or “handling” objections

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Get clear on your Best-Fit Client & the criteria they need to meet to get results
  • Create or refine your “First Date” Easy-Yes Offer priced at $2k – $10k
  • Position you as the obvious choice for your market
  • Implement your pre-selling content strategy that results in prospects reaching out ready to buy
  • Setup your DM Sales Method so you can book incredible clients in the DM’s or on a quick call.


You’ll get 1-1 support from me directly whenever you need it

And I’ll review & help you tweak every piece of content to ensure you master the content frameworks effectively while still infusing your personality & voice into your content.

How much?:

You can get started for less than $1k and I’m offering a guarantee so it’s really a no-brainer.

You’ll only need 1-2 sales to make back your ENTIRE investment, everything after that is profit!

Not to mention all the time you’ll free up for yourself and how much better you’ll feel about marketing & selling in your business.

Want the rest of the details?

If you’d like the rest of the details just click on the button below, answer a couple of super quick questions then I’ll reach out with the details 🙂