The Simple Way To Attract & Enroll Premium Clients Workshop

This workshop is for you if you are a coach or expert who wants to sell more of your four-figure offers to the high-level clients you love to work with.

And you want a simple way to book clients without digging into pain points, using high-pressure manipulative tactics or wasting time and energy on hour-long discovery calls, complicated websites, funnels and webinars.

You shouldn’t have to feel more like a marketer or salesperson than a coach and Leader

And let’s face it, your time is best spent in your Zone of Genius where you do your best work.

You don’t need to use multiple complicated & expensive tactics to book clients

Or high-pressure, manipulative sales tactics or any strategies that make you feel uncomfortable in any way.

When you know who your BEST-fit client is, have an Easy-Yes Offer that they are ALREADY looking for AND you’re doing a bit of Pre-Selling you don’t need to “convince” anyone to work with you.

Instead, you’ll wake up to messages in your inbox with people asking for details on how they can sign up.

In this workshop, we talk about:

  • The dark side to the coaching industry & how to separate yourself from it
  • Creating a no-brainer Easy-Yes Offer priced from $1k – $10k
  • How to compete in a saturated market so you stand out as the exact specialist your dream clients are looking for
  • How to enroll amazing clients by using a simple Google Doc & a few messages (say goodbye to hour-long discovery calls & hello to time freedom) or a quick 15 minute, no pressure call
  • The content to create that will pre-sell your offer and have prospects reaching out to you.
  • And how to do all this in a way that’s customised to your personality, service offering & market

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Here’s what a few participants had to say…

“Thank you for an enlightening session !!!!”

“It is alll resonating, trust this.”

“I love your authenticity!”

“yeah I like the not having to be pushy, I physically recoil doing it”