The Simple Way To Attract & Enroll Premium Clients

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Here's what we covered in this workshop:

  • The dark side of the coaching industry & how to separate yourself from it
  • Creating a no-brainer Easy-Yes Offer priced from $1k – $10k
  • How to compete in a saturated market so you stand out as the exact specialist your dream clients are looking for
  • How to enroll amazing clients by using a simple Google Doc & a few messages (say goodbye to hour-long discovery calls & hello to time freedom) or a quick 15 minute, no pressure call
  • The content you need to create that will pre-sell your offer and have prospects reaching out to you.
  • And how to do all this in a way that’s customised to your personality, service offering & market

It’s time to create your own Freedom Formula

Your time is best spent in your Zone of Genius where you do your best work.

NOT as a marketer or sales person using “conventional” coach marketing where you’re digging into pain points, using high-pressure manipulative tactics or wasting time & energy on hour-long discovery/sales calls

Or fiddling with complicated websites, funnels & tech.

When you know who your BEST-fit client is, have an Easy-Yes Offer that they are ALREADY looking for AND you’re doing a bit of Pre-Selling you don’t need to “convince” anyone to work with you.

Book your Freedom Call with me now

Let me help you UNguru your business & give you the alignment, clarity & confidence you need to create a mutually beneficial business for both you & your clients.

Here’s what we’ll cover on your 30 minute call:

  • We’ll look at your market, your offer, your pricing
  • How you’re currently marketing, and we’re gonna see what’s working and what’s not
  • We’ll identify what’s preventing you from the sales that you want
  • Then we’ll map out a 3 step custom plan for you to implement to get more clients and more money in a way that feels great.

You’ll leave the session feeling confident, clear & really excited about taking things to the next level in your business


Book Your Freedom Call With Me Now