Six-Figure Content Sales System



I’m handing over the keys to the complete SELF-PACED Six-Figure Content Sales System…

… with instant access to the same templates, examples and instructions my last class of 15 people used to book $263 000 in sales.

The last time I checked, the average coach, consultant or expert books in at least $5k on their FIRST try.

They effortlessly create organic content that PRE-SELLS their services and results in sales of $2k, $5k and even $10k+ every week

WITHOUT tech, funnels, cold DM’s, hours scrolling, commenting and posting on social or 60-minute sales calls.

We use authentic organic content based on how the brain is wired to buy, mix in some PRE-SELLING and Objection handling and post on social media and/or to our email lists 3 – 5 days a week.

At first, my clients bring in one or two sales a week…

Then, with a bit of practice and $10k – $20k under their belt…

Things can explode.

Like for David, a father and a coach who brought in $28 000 in sales in a week

With NO CALLS, strategy sessions, cold DM’s or tech.

David transformed from Zoom slave to a rainmaker booking clients over email and chat!!

He says the money is great, he was just able to buy a lakehouse for the family

But he tells me that he’s most excited that he gets MORE time to serve and lead his people.

He doesn’t feel like he was put on this earth to be a salesperson and doesn’t want to be viewed as a salesperson by his clients either

Deep down he just wants to LEAD and coach

Sharing content that pre-sells and is based on sales psychology allows him to BE that leader and coach.

Make sense?

I’m looking for a few more leaders like David. (or a Sandra)


Who’d rather move at their OWN PACE rather than feel rushed OR slowed down by a group workshop.

What do we cover in the Six-Figure Content Sales System?

We’ll show these coaches & experts the exact content to post on a daily basis that will not only build the know, like and trust factor with their clients but will also position them as THE Expert in their field and PRE-SELL their prospects on their services.

We use our content to do the heavy lifting in the sales process for us instead of waiting to get on a sales or discovery call with someone.

This is content that moves our audiences closer to wanting to work with us and we LOVE creating it because it’s authentic, simple and easy to write.

My clients tell me the best part is using this content framework has freed up SO much time for them to be able to spend on actually coaching their amazing clients, spending quality time with their kids or taking up a new hobby.

Before implementing this content strategy they felt like prisoners glued to their computers as they were constantly stuck on social media, networking, commenting posting and searching for prospects.

This Content Sales System is UNLIKE ANYTHING you’ve likely ever seen.

In my experience people spend hours every day on organic marketing, posting, commenting, liking and sharing with no real plan.

Or, even worse, they waste money on expensive ads which get a lot of clicks but no clients…

While they do get leads and sales calls from their organic efforts, they feel like they are constantly having to chase and convince people to work with them.

They feel more like marketers and salespeople than coaches or consultants.

What’s holding most people back is they tend to focus on selling “coaching” and “consulting” instead of the results their market deeply desires.

They also share surface-level content or reshare other people’s content which doesn’t demonstrate their expertise and makes them blend in with the rest of the market.

They also don’t know what to include in their content to attract inbound inquiries so tend to use outdated marketing strategies and tactics, such as discounting services, fast action discounts, digging into pain points, limited-time offers, etc.

These are strategies that worked back in 2018 but the market has become savvy so these strategies simply do not work anymore.

The other thing stopping them is…

They don’t know how to PRE-SELL their services (there are 5 things to pre-sell) and most people only pre-sell one or two things and leave out the MOST crucial.

In this Sales System, I share my exact proven content strategy that turns our audiences into raving fans and excited buyers.

There are just 4 types of content as follows:

● “AHA” post formula designed to get your market to think differently about their
situation and solutions and gives you automatic authority.

● The Triangle of Wisdom to tell everyday stories that make you more memorable than the competition and overcome objections.

● The Offer post formula calls in your Dream Clients and allows them to self-select your program.

● Hand-raiser frameworks that get warm, interested prospects to raise their hands and start a sales conversation.

AND I’ll also give you my Neverending Content Ideas Strategy so you’ll never have to worry about searching for content ideas again.

It would be great if you could join us.

You’ll get immediate access (today) to the Six-Figure Content Sales System.

INCLUDING: licensing rights to the frameworks and examples to make this even easier for you to start booking clients and making sales right away.

My Offer Post framework has made multi-six figures.

With this bank vault of templates and examples at their fingertips, I’ve seen coaches & experts pull more leads than they’ve ever had out of their existing audience and sales up to $28k in their first week.

Not everyone moves that fast!

But the templates sure do save a lot of time.

You can get started for just US$690

You’ll easily make that back in just ONE sale as long as you’re an expert at what you do, have a service valued at $690 or more that you’ve sold before and have an audience of 1000 or more potential prospects.

Now… one question I get quite often is:

Do I need to be a good writer?

Nope, you don’t. In fact, if you are a great writer it will probably hurt more than help.

To make a sale using organic content you have to bypass the 3 tracks that run through a person’s head when they are making a buying decision: Child, Adult & Parent.

When you speak to all 3 tracks at the same time, in the right sequence and using the correct tone…you’ll be able to trigger buying…even if you write at a 6th-grade level.

It really is simple and easy.

If you’re ready to put a simple content strategy in place so you can effortlessly book clients through social media and your email list every week, just click on the button above to get instant access

If you have any questions email me at